Benefits of Exercising Regularly

benefits of exercisingOn a personal front, I have found that exercising on most days, helps me to manage my stress levels. I am by nature a person who is quite anxious and even paranoid, exercising helps me to manage this negative part of my brain and helps me to see things in a much clearer way.

I am also somebody who basically loves food. This exercise is a great way of keeping my weight down, a form of diet which lets me eat exactly what I want.

Depression has been a regular feature of my life, however since starting my fitness regime, I do not think I have been depressed once.

Even though the thought of this exercise does not exactly fill me with joy, I will continue to force myself to do it as the benefits are huge.

I would strongly advise other people to also start exercising. I hope that they find it as rewarding and beneficial as I have.

For additional ideas for exercise routines, check out the following book called “Exercise Every Day: 32 Tactics for Building the Exercise Habit” by R.J. Scott


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