Benefits to Hiking – Tips for you

Benefits to Hiking

A Place For Meditation

It is hard to get in the mind space for meditation if you are exercising around a lot of noise or many people. Even the noise of the treadmill or stair-stepper can be distracting so that you can’t focus on your breath for adequate meditation. When all you have are the sounds of nature and your footfalls to focus on, meditating on your breath can be an easy task. If you exercise in a beautiful space, you can avoid having to come up with a place to use for guided imagery because you are already there. Guided imagery is a form of meditation where you imagine yourself in beautiful surroundings. If you are already there exercising, you have a much easier time with fruitful meditation using guided imagery. Again, it is important to try to find a park or other public space free from crowds and traffic noise.


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