Eat to Lose Fat

Chicken, lose fat

An obese person need to be conscious of the food that they eat and make smarter food selections. Some foods are easily converted into body fat (foods high in sugar, food with many preservatives and saturated fat) and some foods are near impossible for the body to convert into fat (lean protein, fibrous carbohydrates). The body’s metabolism kicks into high gear to digest protein and fiber – creates what is called the thermogenic effect of food. Body temperature actually increases when the digestive system is faced with the daunting task of breaking down hard to digest protein and fiber.

Multiple meals allow the body to deal with fewer calories at any one sitting and the repeated practice of eating 5-6 meals a day teaches the body to become adept at digesting and distributing food. It is better to eat 3,000 “clean” calories a day divided into six five hundred-calorie daily meals than one 1,500 calorie mega-dirty fast-food meal that will be converted into fat.

The results are astounding when the obese buy into the approach. One male who used this approach lost 40 pounds of body weight in 40 days while simultaneously adding 12-pounds of muscle. He started at 240 and is now 200 pounds.


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