Elliptical Machine Review: Yowza Navarre Elite


Elliptical Training

Check out this review: Yowza Navarre Elite Elliptical Machine Review.Yowza is an industry leader in cutting edge design for fitness equipment, and a brand known for their innovation. The Navarre Elite model is a highly versatile machine with a variety of adjustable features and a Bluetooth-enabled console. Some of these adjustable features include the power adjustable incline up to 60%, and the electronic adjustable stride that can adjust from 19 to 30 inches. These features make the Navarre Elite ideal for users of all shapes and sizes. Another interesting feature is the self-pivoting pedals that adjust to your specific body type as you are working out. This creates a more natural stride, tailored to your individual needs. This model can also move in both forward and reverse motions, making it easy to target the muscles of the front of the body as well as the back.Other advanced features of this console include 9 user profiles (ideal for families), a three-speed fan, and simple up and down incline and resistance keys. This user-friendly elliptical trainer is ideal for many body types. http://amzn.to/2g5Wu7Q. Check out the next page for the video.


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