Exercises for Knee Pain

Exercises for Knee PainOur knees are important for our mobility and should be taken care of for our entire lives. Exercises for knee pain are vital to alleviate discomfort and maximize our ability to walk, run and jump regardless of our age. Our knees tend to wear out with use just as any other mechanical joint will. Exercise and taking care of our knees will improve the length of time that we can live pain free. Moderate exercises for knee pain can reduce the swelling in our knee joints and reduce the wear on the padding between the bones.

The type of exercise for knee pain and how aggressive that exercise should be will depend on your age. Younger people can be more aggressive in their exercise routine, while older folks should be fairly gentle. Regardless of your age, you should always enter an exercise program slowly in order to avoid any unnecessary strain on joints that can cause pulled muscles.

Walking around is the best way to warm up prior to starting your exercise routine. This loosens muscles before beginning exercise. The most important rule of exercises for knee pain is no bouncing! Bouncing while you exercise damages your knees and accomplishes nothing. Because the types of knee exercise are radically different between age groups, we’ll break them down into two sections.


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