Fat Burning Food

Fat Burning Food

Frequently Asked Questions:

Fact: Foods that actually melt down fat were discovered by nutritionist physicians during their search for healthier foods. When you add these type of foods to your normal diet, you lose weight but you also lower and normalize your cholesterol rate. This always contributes to your health.

Q: How many pounds can you lose per week?

A: If you are less than 20 pounds overweight, you can lose an average of 5-8 pounds in the first week, and 3-4 pounds in the subsequent weeks.If you are more than 20 pounds overweight, you will lose weight even more quickly. Some people with more than 40 pounds to lose have lost up to 12 pounds in the first week.

Q: I have tried bean pod capsules, other methods, other diets, and nothing has helped me lose weight yet. Why will it be different with this?

A: Because you will burn away more calories than you absorb. Everyone who has tried it has lost weight, there is no reason that it would work for everyone else and not for you!


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