Golf Exercises Will End Your Frustration On The Course

golf fitnessA golf fitness exercise program does a significant job of ensuring that most of these muscles are ready for the strain that golf usually exerts on them.

Usually a golf fitness exercise program combines dynamic strength and flexibility exercises, as well as stabilization and core strength. Most of these exercises can be done with simple handweights (dumbbells) and exercise tubing.

No gym required!

Too many golfers go to the gym, plop down on a machine and hope their game will get better. It usually doesn’t. If you remember to keep the golf swing mechanics in mind when doing a golf fitness exercise program, you will have better results on the golf course.

For some great exercises that will improve your core and add yards to your swing, check out the book “Golf Rx: A 15-Minute-a-Day Core Program for More Yards and Less Pain” by Vijay Vlad M.D.



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