Holiday Workout: How to Stay in Shape

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Stay in shape while on vacation

Holiday Workout – Walking

This is another exercise that can easily be taken up on vacation. An hour walk a day can make the world of difference. Take a walk to the beach, to the shops, sightseeing walks or stroll after dinner in the evening. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous walk, just easy steps to give you some movement while on vacation.

Water Skiing

If you are an avid swimmer and love water sports, then water skiing is a good exercise that will improve your fitness level. Take the chance and get out there in the water. Show off your talents at this sport while having a great time.

Pedal Boats

Hiring a pedal boat at the beach can give you some form of exercise if you pedal it. It will work those leg muscles and keep them in shape while you are on vacation.


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