Holiday Workout: How to Stay in Shape

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holiday workout – try bicycling

Holiday Workout – Ride A Bicycle

Hire a bike and explore your vacation surroundings . This is an energetic way to keep you in shape while eating your favorite foods on your vacation. It’s a brilliant way to tone the body and burn all those excess calories that have been eaten.

Horse Riding

If horse riding is available where you are taking a vacation, take a ride along a beach or through countryside. It’s still exercising.


If you are on a skiing vacation, then skiing will be the ultimate exercise here. If you cannot ski then learn. Even the smallest of movements will be helpful.

Wind Surfing
This is, also, a beach one. Wind surfing can keep the body in tone, as you are using your balance to keep afloat. So, if you love this sport then do not hesitate doing it.


If you are able to surf or can take lessons, then this will tone your body no problem. The movement and balancing effect is an excellent form of exercise.


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