How to Burn More Calories

How to Burn More CaloriesWorkout Time

One way of how to burn calories faster is to increase your workout time. Doing the same activity for twice the time will burn twice the calories.

The longer you workout the more calories you will burn.

You’ll burn more calories if you walk 3 miles instead of 2 or if you clean up your entire house instead of just cleaning the kitchen.

You can also burn the same amount of calories that you do in 30 minutes of exercise by splitting it up into 3 shorter 10-minute exercise sessions done throughout the day. Doing this has the same effect that eating 6 small meals does.

A great idea on how to burn more calories is to do a lot of mini-workouts throughout the day. This will keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day and burn more calories. It is also much easier to fit mini-workouts into a schedule throughout the day. Try to keep each workout at a minimum of 10 minutes so that you will get the weight loss benefits.

Another alternative to increasing the amount of time that you commit to exercising is to use your current exercise time and work harder in order to burn more calories.


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