Long Distance Running

long distance runningGood Cardiovascular Health

Long distance running is great exercise for your heart and helps rid your arteries of unwanted cholesterol. When you run, you breathe harder. And when you breathe harder, your heart also works double time to circulate oxygen-rich blood around your body. When you have a strong heart and perfectly elastic arteries, you naturally have lower chances of developing heart-related problems, such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and heart failure.

Better Moods and Stress Relief

Long distance running will improve your mood and provide stress relief. A “runner’s high” is the light, relaxed feeling that athletes experience after running a long distance. When we participate in any strenuous physical activity, the body releases the hormone endorphin which helps relieve stress and pain. Running also helps improve the renewal cycle of brain neurons, which in turn improves memory and learning. Many doctors include running in therapy programs for people who are undergoing mental rehabilitation and depression.


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