Long Distance Running

long distance runningSlowed Aging

There was this man who was featured on TV. He was over 90 years old but he could still carry buckets of water and move around as if he was three decades younger. Asked of his secret, he said he simply eats healthy foods and runs a few miles everyday—and then the screen showed him in running shorts that exposed leg muscles young men would kill for.

Aside from preventing high-risk diseases, distance running increases bone density and muscle mass. Plus, it triggers the production of the growth hormone which helps one look young. Thus, one could stay really strong, in shape and youthful looking with less sagging skins, less flapping flesh in the legs and arms, less chances of having osteoporosis, and a glowing skin.

For additional tips on training to run long distances, check out this book by Matt Fitzgerald called “80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower”


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