Nordic Walking

nordic walkingHow has Nordic walking received such a level of attention? By making the upper body do its work as well as the lower, it has taken a step towards ordinary fitness walking or running to a new level — enabling the body to burn up to 50% more calories without having to walk faster or longer.

Nordic walking includes several other benefits, such as:

1. Heart rate is about 13% or 5-17 beats higher than regular walking
2. Poles help traction on slippery surfaces, thus becoming a safety factor
3. Burns about 400 calories per hour, beating regular walking which only burns about 280 calories
4. Increased overall endurance
5. Aids in climbing hills and other elevated areas more easily
6. Improved balance and stability
7. Less stress applied on back and lower joints, thus lessening chances of injury
8. Lateral mobility of neck and spine is increased significantly, thus releasing muscle tension in these specific regions



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