Nordic Walking

nordic walkingNordic walking, with the specific modified poles, is proving to be an overall bodily workout that caters to people of all levels, whether it’s for rehabilitation or relaxing, weight management or increasing aerobic capacity, up to Nordic walking as a physical challenge. Of course, it is important to choose not just any poles for any Nordic walking activity. Here are some tips to choosing the best Nordic poles for your specific needs.

1. It must be sturdy and light enough to be able to bring anywhere.
2. The grips should be comfortable and interchangeable.
3. Asphalt paws are more efficient at absorbing shock and gripping.
4. Straps must be specifically designed allowing for easier transfer of power and weight.
When deciding the height or length of these poles, the elbows are just perpendicular to the poles when held by the grip with the tip on the ground.



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