Outdoor Activities That Get You Moving


Moderate ExerciseBicycling is a fantastic workout for your legs and lungs, and will add some fun to your health routine as well. Many cities have bike lanes or special biking trails that you can use to safely discover more about your town and your community while you’re pedaling your way to better cardiovascular health.

When choosing a new bike, or reviving one you have in your garage, it’s important to make sure that the bike is sized properly for you. Riding a bike that is not fitted to your height can put excess strain on your back and legs, and affect your balance as you’re riding. To get the most of your workout, and keep your body aligned and safe during your ride, it’s a good plan to stop by a local bike shop and have them fit you to a bike so you know what to purchase, or can adjust your old bike so that it will work well for you.


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