Stair Stepper Machine

Stair Stepper Machine

• Be sure to stand upright when using the machine. You should only lean slightly forward at your hips. By leaning slightly forward you help protect your knees and lower back. Not that your posture is correct it’s time to start working out.

• Take even steps. You don’t want to shake the machine by taking short quick hopping steps. This is dangerous and ineffective. It actually cuts down on the number of calories you burn. So keep your steps even and moderately deep. Don’t go all the way back down.

• Always keep your entire foot on the pedal during the workout. This will help you get a better workout in your rear end and thighs. It will also help prevent putting too much pressure on your calf muscles.

• All it takes is 10 minutes and you will see how much of your body this one machine can work.


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