Stair Workout With 5 Exercises

Stair workout

Running up and down a stairwell is a great workout but it can get stale quickly. Stair exercises can shake the boredom up while also challenging the lower body even more. Add to that it’s also a no-excuse workout — all you have to do is show up! Whether it’s at your local park, office, or apartment building, we are pretty certain there is a stairwell near you. A stair exercise will give you an intense lower body workout. This video has 5 different ways to pop the intensity of a stair workout plus add some variety that bring in different muscle groups.Did you know that a stair workout could help your abdominals, your glutes, even your arms? What muscles are involved depends on the type of movement you are doing, how high you lift your knees and how you involve your arms. A great thing about a stair workout is that its usually easy to find a set of stairs and get moving.

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